The government led by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull might toughen the screening and monitoring process for the Syrian refugees, thereby making complex changes into the resettlement program, a leaked government document has indicated.

The document obtained by Lateline was labelled as “sensitive” and for “cabinet.” It contained recommendations for Immigration Minister Peter Dutton required to be presented to the National Security Committee of the Cabinet. Dutton’s spokesperson said on Friday morning that the paper was a “draft document” yet to be seen by the Minister or his staff members.

The leaked document contained mention of the recent Paris attacks and disturbances caused in Germany. The proposal contained in the leaked document stated that “it has been established that there are links between recent onshore terrorist attacks and the humanitarian intake.”

Turnbull did not respond directly to the leakage of the document but he said that the government is ready to do everything possible to ensure its people are safe. The document stated that Dutton will present a set of changes into visa framework in the first half of 2016, which read “a package of reforms to simplify Australia’s visa framework and create stronger controls over access to permanent residency and citizenship.”

The leaked document proposed changes including the establishment of an enforceable integration framework to figure out suitability for life of the refugees in the nation. Secondly, it advocated for a stricter citizenship test and citizenship oath. The third point stated the protection of sensitive information through enhanced access of information to prompt stronger intelligence-led proper decision-making beginning from the pre-visa stage to post-citizenship conferral.

“Nonetheless, it is expected that some refugees from this conflict will bring with them issues, beliefs or associations that lead them to advocate or engage in politically motivated or communal violence,” the document said.

“Close attention to the delivery of health, education, employment services and infrastructure that positively influence successful integration and social cohesion may assist to mitigate, but will not eliminate, the ongoing prospect that a small number of refugees will be susceptible to criminality and radicalisation.”

The document was first reported by the ABC and then it has been seen by Guardian Australia. After the leakage of the document, Opposition Labor party said that elements of the paper were “verging on bigotry and racism.”