The British Airways Boeing 777 jet plane that had caught fire on the tarmac has been repaired and took flight on Friday.

In September 2015, during takeoff in the Las Vegas airport, the engines caught fire. There were no casualties, and all 170 people were safely evacuated, according to a report in The Telegraph. The plane will be painted and later flown back to the United Kingdom.

According to the Las Vegas Sun, it took experts close to six months to repair the engine that had caught fire. The fuselage was also fixed. The airplane was flown from Mojave Desert to Victorville over a long winding route.

The plane was repaired in the McCarran airport by General Electric, who had manufactured the earlier engine as well. According to airport spokesperson Crews, the repairs cost around $91,218 (US$65,000) including the parking fees and other overheads.

The engine and other parts of the aircraft were quite sturdy and have shown no discrepancies, said General Electric spokesperson Rick Kennedy. He further claimed that they were still looking into the previous models of the engine to detect any anomaly.

This is not the first time that a Boeing 777 malfunctioned, reported the China Daily. Earlier in 2005, a similar Boeing 777 Malaysian Airlines on its way from Perth, Australia to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia had a faulty accelerometer which forced the staff to manually adjust the altitude. The infamous MH370 plane that went missing was also a Boeing 777. An Australian search-party was constituted for the same. There were also reports of the plane being found in Philippines with skeletons of the passengers.

The witnesses of the September plane-fire claim that the incident was unforgettable and would forever be etched in their hearts. Most of them were also medicated for extreme shock and anxiety said a report in the

They recount how they could see the flames rising out of their windows while the pilot alerted the ground staff. “I started to run (during evacuation) and looked back towards the plane to see that it was on fire with flames reaching twice the height of the aircraft,” said a passenger.

The Daily Mail reported that the pilot of the plane was the highly experienced. 63-year-old Chris Henkey has been hailed as a “hero.” This was not the first time he encountered death. He was also involved in a severe car crash which left him with a marred face.