An alleged murder victim family members of “Burglar” Ricky Slater  gathered outside Newcastle courthouse to demand justice. They said they wanted answers about Slater’s death and justice for a man who according to them was turning his life around.

More than a dozen of Slater’s relatives gathered outside the court to see the 33-year-old Benjamin Batterham, who allegedly murdered Slater after he broke into Batterham’s home in Cleary Street, Hamilton.

The family members were there to outline the horrific injuries he suffered and protest against the allegations that Slater broken into the house, reported The Sydney Morning Herald.

Nonetheless, Benjamin Batterham did not appear during the court hearing or make an application for bail, reported The Daily Telegraph. The matter will be heard in court on Tuesday.

Allegedly, Batterham and another man chased Slater and pinned him to the ground. The fighting continued until the police arrived. Police said that Ricky Slater was “detained” by the two men when they approach the scene. A short time later Slater lost consciousness and never regained it.

Beryl Dickson, Slater-Dickson’s mother said that her son was a “big boy” and there must be “four or five people to hold him down.”

Beryl said, “My son the big gentle giant. He doesn’t hurt no one. I don’t know what happened … I want to know.”

She noted, “That was my eldest baby. I’ve got to bury him now for a reason I don’t know. I want justice done and I want my baby.”

She also said that her son had left three daughters.  “They have lost their father. Their beautiful father they haven’t seen for years because he was in jail.”

Beryl admitted about her son’s troubled past and said that her son turned a corner after serving time in jail.

Some other relative said that Slater had not broken into the house. On the contrary, he went there to attend a party.

Neighbours informed that they heard loud noises coming from the house early on Saturday morning.