The Bureau of Meteorology has predicted high chances of a tropical cyclone in the Gulf of Carpentaria during Christmas. The remote north-west Queensland community is preparing for a cyclone on the Christmas day.

According to Weather Zone, weather forecasters on Sunday said a monsoon trough would continue to strengthen this week and that there was a high chance a cyclone would form in western Cape York Peninsula and the southern Gulf of Carpentaria.


A high chance means there is a more than a 50 per cent chance a cyclone will form.

“We’re starting to see the development of the low which increases our confidence where [a cyclone] may form,” senior forecaster Sally Cutter said.

“If a cyclone were to form it would start off as a Category One and strengthen.

“Depending on how long it spends over water and the environmental conditions surrounding the cyclone will dictate how strong it becomes before it makes landfall.”

Brisbane Times noted, a month’s worth of food is being flown into remote north-west Queensland communities as the area prepares for a likely Christmas Day cyclone.

The potential cyclone was beginning to gather strength over the Northern Territory on Tuesday before a predicted path across the Gulf of Carpentaria to Queensland.

Emergency services were considering whether to deploy extra personnel in the event a cyclone made landfall as councils from Doomadgee to Kowanyama and out to Mornington Island ramped up preparations.

“The areas up here are quite remote and fairly inaccessible,” Mount Isa emergency management co-ordinator Elliott Dunn said. “So their normal preparation is just making sure they have enough food stocks and medical supplies to last them for probably a month or so and also put their road closures out and just contingency planning for the strong winds.”
BoM forecaster Diana Eadie said there was a high chance of a cyclone developing on Christmas Day, with a medium chance Wednesday and Tuesday.

“There’s a very weak circulation that we’ve been watching overnight,” she said.

“However it has developed over land and when it comes to cyclones, if they develop over land it’s not very good in terms of rapid intensification.

She said the storm, which if named would be called Stan or Tatiana depending on how early it developed, was not intensifying as quickly as forecast but a cyclone was still “highly likely” over the Christmas period, with December 25 the most likely date.