Police have revealed new information related to the Bung Siriboon missing case that could shed some light in the mysterious abduction of the 13-year-old teenage girl. There could be the possibility of a third sighting of the teenager in a four-wheeler, which was driven by a man with tattoos on his arms and neck.

Five years have passed since Bung vanished while walking to school on June 2, 2011. At the time she went missing, police released information about two possible sightings of Bung.

On the fifth anniversary of her disappearance, fresh reports are circulating in the media that show photos of a 1971-1973 white Holden Kingswood station wagon with a tattooed man in the driver’s seat and a teenage girl with him.

The man appears to be in his late 30s or early 40s, with neck and sleeve tattoos. Those who saw the girl in the car said to the police that an Asian female teenager similar to Bung’s appearance was sitting in the front passenger seat.

It was reported by the Daily Mail that the white wagon was last spotted on Napolean Road at the intersection of Kelletts Road in Rowville between 8:45am and 9am. The driver was reportedly a Caucasian male who either had light brown hair or a bald head.

Herald Sun notes Homicide Squad Detective Inspector Michael Hughes’s reports about the girl. While the girl was not identified as Bung in the car on that day, the detective is ready to cooperate with anyone having news of her.

Bung Siriboon was last seen by a neighbor walking to school. She left her home in Elsie Street, Boronia at 8:30am on Thursday and was kidnapped shortly after. Police are now willing to welcome anyone who could match the description of the car and the tattooed man with real-life proofs.

“We exhausted our normal avenues of inquiry and we are going to the public. The family are looking for an answer,” said Hughes. Ever since their daughter went missing, Bung’s parents have been heartbroken and they say there’s a hole in their lives.