A Bundeena woman was killed by a man who used a cricket bat to beat her up and the police are currently on a hunt for the suspect, who has been identified as Stephen Boyd, around South Sydney.

Fifty-one-year-old Tina Kontozis was discovered dead in her home after she sustained severe head injuries. Kontozis’ 17-year-old son, meanwhile, was also discovered unconscious and was immediately brought to a hospital with arm injuries and a cut on the head.

Neighbours recalled hearing loud screams of Kontozis coming from their home on Sunday afternoon.

Police are currently searching the Royal National Park in Sydney hoping to find the suspect Boyd, 51, who is believed to be Kontozis’ partner. They believe that the suspect was driving a silver-coloured 2002 model Holden Commodore sedan, the Daily Mail reported.

Police had also blocked off a stretch of Beachcomber Avenue as detectives and forensic experts surveyed the entire area. They focused on their search in the Maianbar area and have also closed off Bundeena’s entry drive.

Jan O’Callaghan, Kontozis’ neighbour, told the Australian Daily Telegraph that she will be missed terribly. “She was the loveliest person. She was quite well known, she had lived here for a long time,” O’Callaghan said. “She was very nurturing. She was an inspiration to all in Bundeena.”

The Bundeena killing is one of many killings that have been tracked over the years in Australia. Just three weeks ago, a man was charged for stabbing another man to death in Hornsby, located in North Sydney, and a woman was also left severely injured at a crowded Korean restaurant.

The victims, 53-year-old Keith Collins and 38-year-old Jovi Pilapil, are single parents who were going out on their first date when suddenly the suspect, Alexander Villaluna, entered the restaurant, allegedly injured his ex-partner Pilapil and stabbed Collins to death.