Queensland schoolgirl Tayla Sekhmet, 12, has started a petition along with her mother to raise voice against the trend of bullying she has fallen prey to.

Normally, students have positive things to say about their school and class fellows, but for Sekhmet, who attends Dysart State High School located in central Queensland, her school life is a “living hell.” The petition change.org does not only focus on the bullying incident faced by the schoolgirl, but it also contains the victim’s mother Kali’s allegations about the school. According to 9News, Kali claimed that the school authorities have ignored complaints regarding the verbal and sexual assault incidents as reported.

“I’m the most unpopular kid at school and people make my life a living hell,” the petition states. “Every day people call me fatso, weirdo, ugly, freak and tell me I should kill myself. I’ve been pushed to the ground, had people go through my bag, or break my scooter when I rode it to school. Even people in other grades who I don’t know do these things to me too.”

According to The Daily Mail, Sekhmet has called for help through petition as depicted from the words used in the petition. “School bullying is killing me. Please, please help me,” it reads.

“My life is hell. I only beg for you to please sign my petition to ask Dysart State High School to take a stronger stance against bullying and for the Government to stop the school getting away with this,” Sekhmet has claimed in the petition. “I have told my teachers many times, my mum has called the school, and I have had school meetings. None of this is helping, I’ve been told to just ignore these people, but I can’t take it anymore.”

Meanwhile, the state’s education department’s spokesman said that bullying was never tolerated at state schools and the authorities were already working on the schoolgirl’s complaints. On the other hand, Dysart State High School released a statement on their website, which stated that they see to it that a “high standard of behavior and discipline” is maintained in the school, thereby ensuring a disciplined learning environment.