A skeleton discovered under a primary school property in Edinburgh could be that of a Buccaneer, as speculated by the archaeologists. They have determined that the skeleton dates back to 16th century.

Experts at AOC revealed that the skeleton could be of a criminal or a Buccaneer. The report issued in its official site said that the “remains were found by the City of Edinburgh council at the Capital’s oldest working Primary School”. The report also stated that the school is situated close to the harbour in Newhaven, which is one of Scotland’s historic fishing villages. The condition of the bones and location of the burial indicated that the man must have been executed for piracy or other crime. Besides, he was buried in a shallow, unmarked grave.

The archaeologist at first thought that the man was from the Bronze Age. It was because there were fragments of potteries found alongside the skeleton and the bones were in extremely poor condition.

“Edinburgh has an undeniably intriguing past and some of our archaeological discoveries have been in the strangest of places,” said Councillor Richard Lewis of Cultural Convener for the city of Edinburgh Council. Talking about the contributions of Council’s services, he further stated, “thanks to carbon dating techniques, archaeologists now know that the skeleton was likely to have been a murder victim- and quite possibly a pirate. It’s fantastic that through the council’s archaeology and museum service, we are able to investigate such discoveries and add to our understanding of Newhaven’s heritage.”

The school’s head teacher, Laura Thompson said that the students of the school thought that a skeleton found in their school premises was “fantastic”. She also confirmed that the archaeologists were going to hold a special session with the students and would explain to them how science had been used to analyse the remains.