Three people are suspected to be behind the Brussels airport attack.  Based on a CCTV footage, it seems that a jihadi bomb suspect calmly walked out of Brussels Airport pushing a baggage cart. After a few moments, his two accomplices slaughtered 34 people and wounded 230 others.

The attackers were seen on CCTV wheeling suitcase bombs into the busy check-in area.  This is the key evidence for investigators in their search for suspects following two explosions at the airport.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks. However, the authorities stated that it’s too early to arrive at the conclusion that the terror group was behind it, as reported by CNN.

Belgian authorities said that the man in white, caught in the CCTV footage, was one of the three suspects linked to the  Brussels attacks. The other two were wearing black gloves on their left hands believed to contain detonators.

The local mayor, Francis Vermeiren reported that the suspects checked in their explosives-packed suitcases a few seconds before the attacks. He stated, “They put their suitcases on trolleys, the first two bombs exploded. The third also put his on a trolley but he must have panicked, it didn’t explode.”
The US officials who examined the footage said that the third bomber abandoned his bomb and his departure from the airport was preplanned. He seems to have left the airport after accompanying the other two.

Several minutes later, the Metro station near the EU parliament was bombed killing 20 people; fourteen people were also killed in the airport attacks.

Authorities are not clear whether the missing suspect wearing a white coat, glasses and a hat was behind the metro station attack, stated Mail Online.

A tip given by the taxi driver who took the suspects to the airport may help the investigators. The driver contacted the authorities after watching the CCTV footage of the man.  He gave authorities the location from where he picked up them, informed US officials.

The clue triggered a search operation in the residence after the attacks. Investigators found a nail bomb, chemical products and an ISIS flag during the raid.

The authorities in Brussels were trying to crack down on terror threats for months. They have assumed that attackers have links to the network behind the Paris attack.

People tweeted offering condolences and prayers for the Brussels attacks victims.