Building plans and images of Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel’s home and office were found on a laptop of one of the bombers of the Brussels attacks. The files discovered after the attacks were discarded in the recycle bin.

The laptop also contained a final message from one of the bombers Ibrahim el-Bakraoui.

The suicide bombing attack that took place at the Brussels airport and subway system last week resulted in the death or 32 people. Of these, 17 were Belgian while rest of the 15 were from other parts of the world. As many as 94 people are still in hospital with dozens of them in intensive care.

The first funeral of one of the Brussels attacks victims, Raghavendran Ganeshan, took place after his body was returned to his family in the Indian city of Chennai on Tuesday, the BBC reported.

An official told the Associated Press on conditions of anonymity that, it was alarming that they were collecting information. He said it is a cause of concern that the attackers were “apparently scouting the terrain” around the Royal Park, where the prime minister’s office “Le 16” and residence is located.

Since the Paris attacks and last week’s Brussels attacks the security around Michel has been increased, the NBC News reported. He also received a number of unspecified death threats over the past few years.

However, according to the official, at present there is no specific threat against Michel from the attackers.

A propaganda material that was distributed on Tuesday, the ISIS describes the Brussels attacks as “a war against secularism.” The material also showed images of the bombers taken by surveillance cameras at the airport, the CBS News reported.

“Its most important results are that it showed the fragility of the security systems of the European states that claim they are the strongest in the world, and this was through the type of operation, it’s timing, its place, and the circumstances surrounding it, and the nature of those who executed it,” the material said, according to a translation by the SITE Intelligence Group released on Wednesday.