Rockstar Bruce Springsteen is all set to meet his no. 1 fan at Brisbane concert. It is none other than 13-year-old Adam Brooker. The artist will make his young fan’s dream come true on Tuesday night.

Brooker will finally be able to meet the man he admires the most. He will be getting a chance to come face-to-face with the one who helped him overcome his intellectual disability. He has always acknowledged Bruce Springsteen and his music for inspiring him to learn to read, write and speak.

“It’s so hard to go to sleep because I keep thinking about meeting Bruce,” Adam said. “I’ve been waking up super early because I’m too excited. I asked Mum to wash and iron my favourite Born in the USA top, and I have it safe in my drawers.”

It is not only Brooker who’s happy to meet his ideal but also his family. The parents of the young fan of Bruce Springsteen saved considerable amount to buy tickets to the star’s show scheduled on Tuesday and Thursday night in Brisbane. The family described that they were “exceptionally happy” for their chid. It has been almost a year since Brooker’s mother had to quit her job to educate her son.

After leaving her job, she started home-schooling her son.  J’Aimee Brooker said that her son was busy creating a book where he was assembling the lyrics of Bruce Springsteen.  She also said that he was making it to present to his ideal. She added that Brooker “is keen to shake hands with him and say thank you in person.”  “He is busy making a book of some of the writing of Bruce’s lyrics he’s done to give Bruce and is keen to shake hands with him and say thank you in person,” the fan’s mother said.

Bruce Springsteen Concert in Sydney

During the concert of Bruce Springsteen in Sydney, the star saw a huge crowd gathered to see his performance. Among them was Jessica Bloom who took an amazing selfie with the star. The concert was held on February 7 inside Qudos Bank Arena. In the picture, the star is seen spotting the camera. He posed for the click as he went closer to the crowd while clambering onto the chair.

“He came into the crowd and I just jumped onto a chair and he was singing at me, so I took a quick selfie!” the Bruce Springsteen fan sharing space in the photograph told The Huffington Post Australia. “It was such an incredible moment … It was nuts.”

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