Fans of the hit comedy might have to satisfy their cravings with Brooklyn Nine Nine season 4 spoilers for the meantime while the producers have yet to decide on a release date as of writing.

Rumors are rife online that despite Andy Samberg’s Jake Peralta and Andre Braugher’s Capt. Holt being sent away from the precinct, the laughs and comedy gold will remain intact.  In fact, sources are claiming that this storyline will somehow bring out more laughs as the Nine-Nine precinct is left without a leader and one of its best detectives.

However, other reports remain optimistic that Peralta and Holt’s stint under the Witness Protection Program as suburb neighbors Chuck and Larry will be short-lived. “More importantly, though, it was a fun and funny way to end the season and a much cooler way to do it than if they had ended on the threat alone,” an Uproxx report noted. “It’s what a cliffhanger should be.”

For the meantime, Movie News Guide has offered a handful of replacement suggestions for Peralta and Holt. As the site mentioned, notable names and known comedians like Seth Rogen, Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart can add some pizzazz to the show should they be considered as short-term replacements for the captain and Peralta.

Meanwhile, Jake and Amy hopefuls are also on the look-out for any possible updates about the pair’s love story now that the former is in hiding. Season 3 has been a crucial moment in both detectives’ lives as fans saw how the two managed to make their relationship work while busting crimes.

If there’s anything to take note of, it has been revealed that Peralta and Santiago might have to sacrifice their relationship in the next season.

“No details are final yet,” showrunner Dan Goor recently told Entertainment Weekly, “We haven’t really started working on the season yet, but our intention is for the fact that they’re in witness protection to really influence their personal relationships with their loved ones and spouses and friends and the squad, and for that to be a real source of comedy.”

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