Last weekend, Brooklyn Beckham did what no other teenager had done before. At 16, he shot Burberry’s latest social media campaign featuring the “This Is Brit” fragrance.

However, the news was not warmly received by fashion fans and professional photographers. They claimed that “nepotism” was at play as it is no secret that the Beckham family has a strong connection with Burberry. In fact, Brooklyn’s younger brother Romeo appeared on the luxury fashion house’s 2015 festive ad campaign.

“It’s not what you know, but who you know and it’s totally unacceptable,” tweeted professional pet photographer Jak BetLoos.

Another Twitter user named Jacqui agreed saying, “Yep, I guess names really do sell. Sheer nepotism.”

“I love the Beckhams but 16-year-old Brooklyn being the photographer for a major Burberry campaign is peak nepotism,” commented Dani V.

But not everyone is enraged with Burberry’s decision to hire the teenager. Jess Cartner-Morley, a fashion columnist at The Guardian, pointed out that Brooklyn’s involvement in the shoot is a good marketing strategy.

She highlighted that the campaign does not aim “to promote photography as an art form.” Instead, its main purpose is to effectively sell a fragrance to people who belong to the same age bracket as Brooklyn.

“Brooklyn Beckham behind the camera has put this campaign in broadsheet newspapers and on celebrity gossip pages before Burberry have bought a single ad site,” Cartner-Morley wrote.

Burberry’s Chief Creative and Chief Executive Officer Christopher Bailey was also impressed by the 16-year-old’s “great eye for image.”His style and attitude were exactly what we wanted to capture in the spirit of this new Brit fragrance campaign and I am loving the shots of Saturday’s live shoot,” said Bailey.

While plenty of critics questioned Brooklyn’s capability, MailOnline noted that the young photographer “appeared to be in his element and looked calm and confident.” The shoot, which was held in London, was streamed live both on Snapchat and Instagram.