The famous son of David and Victoria is once again in the spotlight with the rumored new Brooklyn Beckham girlfriend.

Interest about who the new Brooklyn Beckham girlfriend is has been rife since his breakup with Chloe Grace Moretz. Their cute pairing made them social media darlings. Their posts certainly showed a strong relationship. Rumors about their relationship circulated for the last two years. However, it was only recently that they went public.

Hence, everyone’s surprise when reports of their split came out so soon last month. Apparently, their breakup stemmed from a supposed disagreement about their living arrangements, although others claimed Brooklyn had an issue with Chloe being quite clingy in the relationship. Since then, fans saw less of the two together on social media or about town.

It would appear there is a new Brooklyn Beckham girlfriend to watch out for. The Sun revealed her as 16-year-old Kim Turnbull. Recent photos showed the two teenagers walking along the streets of London. Moreover, they looked playful together. One photo showed Brooklyn with his arm around Kim. At one point, he came closer to her and whispered in her ear. Later, Kim had her hand on his waist.

He has been seen with other girls after his breakup from Chloe. Previously, he reportedly went with German model Adrienne Juliger and a mystery blonde. Yet the sighting of him with Kim proved more interesting. In addition to her lineage as the granddaughter of Scottish artist William Turnbull, the young aspiring model is linked to Rocco Ritchie as well.

Thus, how would Madonna’s son feel about that? Could this be the start of a feud between the scions of two of Britain’s most distinguished celebrity couples? Would Rocco welcome the news of the new Brooklyn Beckham girlfriend?