Former Stanford swimmer Brock Turner was sentenced to serve for only six months in prison in part to his claims of a lack of experience with alcohol. However, court documents released on June 10 suggest that the 20-year-old not only drank alcohol before entering college, he also used marijuana and other drugs during high school as well.

The photos and text messages show Turner holding a pipe for smoking marijuana and conversations about buying drugs. Despite this, Turner insisted in a letter to Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky that he never been to parties or celebrations that involved alcohol.

In April 2014, Turner talked about pooling money to buy marijuana. The records also showed that in June, Turner was asked “Did you rage last night?”  and he replied that he spent an hour and a half drinking.

Brock Turner


Prosecutors added that Turner was already arrested before this. In November 2014, a deputy spotted him and his swim team drinking beer but the students began running away.

His lawyer, Mike Armstrong, declined to comment about the issue.

Brock Turner was arrested on campus on January 18, 2015 after two Stanford graduate students saw him lying on top of an unconscious woman behind a dumpster. The two students, who are from Sweden, held Turner until officers arrived.

Instead of the minimum two years, he was sentenced to only six months in prison, a decision that sparked outrage among critics and the public worldwide, claiming that the sentence is too lenient. Prosecutors sought Turner to be sentenced for six years.

The USA Swimming, which chooses and trains athletes for the Olympics, issued a lifetime ban against the ex-Stanford swimmer. USA Swimming said in a statement that it has zero tolerance on sexual assault and condemns the crime and actions committed by Turner as well as other forms of sexual misconduct.