A British pedophile has been facing 22 life sentences and has admitted that he is  guilty of 71 offenses of child abuse.

Allegedly, Richard Huckle, 30, wrote a manual on how to abuse children and sold a video of him sexually abusing children online. He  had pleaded guilty to 71 offenses which include rape and sexual assault.

In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Huckle posed as a Christian English teacher and won the confidence of the undoubting parents reported the online site, Independent. Among the charges he pleaded guilty to there were 23 cases involving children from poor families. Besides, it has been suspected that Huckle is involved in around 200 cases of child sex abuse.

On his first visit to Malaysia, Huckle went on to groom children as a volunteer worker. Huckle posted thousands of photos in child porn websites and also used pedophile crowd funding websites, PedoFunding, to get funded. He allowed others to watch these images in exchange of Bitcoins, as per the reports of IBT.

The British pedophile has written “Pedophiles & Poverty: Child Lover Guide”, a manual on how to get away with abusing children in Asia. He also documented his child abuse cases in an online scorecard called “PedoPoints”. On the basis of sex, age and location of the child he awarded points to himself in the scorecard.

Eventually, he was arrested at Gatwick Airport after a tip-off by Australian authorities in 2014 December. A large number of indecent pictures and videos were found with him which the British pedophile took while abusing children during his visit to Asia.

Tony Cook, the National Crime Agency CEOP head of operations, said, “there is no doubt that the quantity and quality of the offending of this particular individual would have increased if he had not been arrested.”

He added, “This case will hopefully send out a message to any transnational offenders who travel overseas to abuse children in this way that they will still face justice in this country despite the lengths they go to travel to countries like Malaysia to commit these offences.”

When asked whether there were any abuse cases in UK, Cook said that they were not certain about that. He informed that they had investigated only the cases against which they had evidences, reported real fix.