An Aussie mum is forced to leave her five kids behind in Australia and fly to Britain as she has been ordered to depart the nation and go back to the UK because of her criminal past.

Thirty-year-old Kelly Webb was only two when she came to the nation and has never left Australia since then, but now she has to. She was found guilty of committing burglary with a knife and hence was sentenced to 18 months of imprisonment, among other criminal records. She was taken to the Maribyrnong Detention Centre, Victoria after her visa had been revoked by the Border Force just days prior to her release in March. A new immigration law passed by the Australian government in 2014 rules that if a person is in jail for more than a year, his or her visa or citizenship is likely to be cancelled.

According to the Daily Mail, Webb went through a “monstrous” childhood as her stepfather used to sexually abuse her. At the age of 14, the Aussie mom along with her childhood friend attacked and killed her stepfather using a kitchen knife and hockey stick. Webb told a media outlet that she moved to Australian shores in 1988 but she never changed her status into an Australian citizen as she was unaware of the formalities involved.  In an interview with local radio 3AW, she said that she cannot take her children to the UK as they are all Australian citizens. “It’s not ideal, I have no money, no housing, no family, I’m being set up to fail,” she said.

According to The Telegraph UK, Webb also admitted that she had been under the influence of drugs for a long time but she has quit it for 18 months now. At the end of the interview, she said that she has made an appeal to Australian Immigration Minister Peter Dutton and requested to give her another chance.

Australian Lawyers Alliance Greg Barns told the radio broadcast and claimed the process to be “grossly unfair.” However, he also said that there was not much hope that the Aussie mum will be allowed to stay in the nation anymore.