A businessman is earning thousands of pounds by selling British air in bottles. He is selling it to Chinese Buyers in £80 or 163.32 AUD (US$115).

Leo De Watts, a 27-year-old British entrepreneur is selling air collected in British countryside and ships it to Shanghai and Beijing, two of the most polluted cities in the world. The wealthy elite in these cities pay him hefty amounts for a jar of British air, reported Independent.

The Company Aethaer’s online site read, “AETHAER (pronounced eath-air) comes from the ancient greek word for pure, fresh air (aether). According to legend, aether was only accessible to the gods, who inhaled it as a healthier and superior alternative to air available for mortal humans. Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Aether constitute the five elements, where Aether is a pure essence, found only in the clearest of skies.”

The company claims to provide clean fresh and pure natural air in bottle form. Aethaer is collected from prime locations and it is filtered organically by nature. It is packaged in premium quality, crystal-clear, heritage-style glass jars.

De watts said, “We have clients who request very particular circumstances for their air.” He added, “Sometimes we’ll be at the top of a mountain, other times the bottom of a valley.”

Reportedly, after it is opened a jar of pure British air might last only for a few seconds but people are buying it more as novelty. They might not even open the jar.

In December Beijing issued first red alert for pollution. The city closed down schools and colleges, construction sites and also restricted the number of cars in the road. Thus, it can be said that De Watt is very wise in choosing his target market.

To encash the Chinese New Year the Company has also introduced a 15 jars gift set which costs 1821.43 AUD (US$1,200) that too after discount.

Mr. Watt started his business inspired by Vitality Air which is a Canadian Company and selling air to Chinese buyers.