US President Donald Trump is working on the establishment of a “special relationship” between America and Britain. Hence, he has planned a visit to the UK. However, the British people seem to stand against the agenda.

Although Britain Prime Minister Theresa May has backed Trump’s decision, the citizens have begun protesting against the state visit of the US president. Demonstrators are using sign boards with “Dumb Trump” and “No to Racism, No to Trump” messages on them. They fear that Trump might influence the nation with his “racist” views and they were not in favor of it.

The protesters have filled the Parliament Square on Monday. The illustration has come following a debate among representatives over a petition if the visit of Donald Trump should be struck off from the UK diplomatic agenda. The petition has been designed to cancel the visit of Donald Trump to Britain.

The intention is to make sure Queen Elizabeth does not go through any embarrassment in any manner. The petition has received almost 18 million signatures in few days. Seeing the huge support to the petition from common masses, Westminster has been compelled to bring the matter for public debate.

The legal experts have also reviewed a counter-petition against the ban on the Donald Trump visit to Britain. The petition received 300,000 signatures. Any petition that receives a minimum of 100,000 signatures is eligible to be brought in focus for public debate.

Lawmakers Predict Impact of Banning Donald Trump Visit

Conservative legal aces have also analyzed the matter and argued that if the visit of Donald Trump is banned, it might impose a “catastrophic” impact on the US-Britain relationship.”He is the duly elected president of the United States. … It would be a disaster if this invitation is rescinded,” Conservative MP Edward Leigh said.

May supported the US president’s visit to the nation and called it the “most important diplomatic tool.”  She said that it will help solidify relationship of the UK with the US. “In the light of America’s absolutely pivotal role, we believe it entirely right that we should use all the tools at our disposal to build common ground with President Trump,” UK Minister of State for Europe and the Americas Alan Duncan told lawmakers as quoted by DW.

Meanwhile, critics said that the British prime minister invited Donald Trump just after he took office. According to them, the issue of the invite came out of desperation to have a good bond with the new US leader. The critics added that the PM aimed at securing its transatlantic trade deal following BREXIT.

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