The European Union and its affiliated members were the subjects of Jerry Wraith’s recently expressed opinion. According to his claims, to remain in the EU would mean harming the United Kingdom’s independence. This concern includes the current state of affairs of the UK along with the other British National Overseas holders.

British people, who are going to vote for an exit from the EU have stated that staying will result in more illegal immigrants and refugees, like the rush of those from Germany looking for asylum. However, the government of the UK has enough independence already as well as high rate of autonomy when it comes to the number of refugees it is going to allow in. Hence, it has no reason to leave the EU because of this issue, The Guardian reported.

The British citizens need not apply for visas to visit other EU countries because of the Schengen Agreement. As soon as Britain leaves EU, such freedom of movement will also end.

European Union membership exit will definitely lead to a significant change in terms of economics, as most British entrepreneurs and enterprises trade with other countries in Europe due to low tax rates and different agreements. Also, a lot of these low-tax deals and agreements are going to be cancelled or will have to be renegotiated when it finally happens. The changes, in fact, will bring a dangerous impact on the economy of the UK.

For years, millions of EU members and non-members around the world believe that a membership grant can mean that a lot of immigrants coming from other countries in Europe will come and live in Britain to enjoy the welfare and benefits from the government. While these are constantly highlighted, it does not necessarily imply that the advantages that the British people are enjoying are put on hold.

European Union membership is what Britain needs in order to benefit from Europe’s sustainable growth, South China Morning Post reported.