Adele added her signature sense of humour to the 2016 Brit Awards. After her saddening Grammy performance, the event brought out her happy and candid personality that everyone loves.

Cameras documented Adele’s movements throughout the night. In doing so, it also caught the funniest reactions from the songstress.

Buzzfeed reported that Adele walking on the Brits red carpet looked like the queen had arrived. The songstress looked regal as she waved to fans.

However, true to herself, Adele’s reaction to seeing Lana Del Rey was priceless.

The website recalled Adele’s reaction when she saw Jennifer Aniston years back.

Buzzfeed went on to say how adorable Adele is for not realising the height of her fame.

Adele took home four awards. The night elicited a range of emotions from the songstress, Mail Online reported.

For her first award, Best British Female Solo Artist, the songstress thanked her management for “letting me be a woman”. She also dedicated the award to singer Kesha as a show of support.

For her second award, Best British Single, Adele expressed her surprise. “I was not expecting this one at all. Thank you so much. This is getting out of hand already,” the Mirror reported.

By her third award for Global Success, Adele’s emotions began to unravel. ITV attempted to bleep most of her acceptance speech.

Mail Online posted the songstress’ words minus the profanity.

“I can’t work out whether I’m crying because of this award or because Tim Peake said it, my kid’s going to think I’m so cool!” she said. “I got really lost for a while and I didn’t know if I was ever going to come back. For you all to be so kind to me, it’s so nice!”

She added, “Not bad for a girl from Tottenham who don’t like flying, Global Success! Tim Peake I hope you’re OK and not too hungry!”

For her fourth award, Mastercard British Album of the Year, Adele came back composed and apologetic. Mail Online also posted her speech minus expletives.

“I’m really sorry about swearing earlier and I’m really sorry for the ugly crying face,” she said.

Adele went on to say, “Thank you to the fans. I also want to give a massive thank you to my boyfriend, sorry I’m going to embarrass you. I’m so lucky to have you support me as you do, thank you for my lovely son, who is the love of my life. This is for you, peanut!

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