A new survey conducted to find out how locals find Brisbane trains services has revealed that more than 50 percent of passengers feel insecurity and lack of safety while travelling through Queensland trains at night.

According to the Canstar Blue’s 2016 report, the greater Brisbane train commuters considered travelling as less safe than they felt it was a year ago. Almost 43 percent of passengers voted the train services as safe at night in 2016 which declined from 57 percent as obtained from 2015 survey. The survey also revealed that calls made with a request of extra security staff increased on trains.

Though the data shows the night-time travel as unsafe for most of the passengers, voters favored Queensland Rail with five stars for overall safety measures.

“We continue to be the only railway in Australia to receive the top rating for safety for the fourth consecutive year, which reflects our ongoing commitment to security on our network,” Queensland Rail acting chief operating officer Martin Ryan said.

Ryan added that he was disappointed to see the feeling of lack of safety among passengers when there has been a huge decline in of 9 percent in passenger assaults between 2014-15 and 2015-16. There are now “less than two incidents per million passenger journeys,” he claimed.

Canstar Blue editor Simon Downes said that Sydney has indicated a stronger performance in terms of safety figures than Brisbane trains data.

“You kind of think, you know, it’s a bigger city with the same sorts of issues that Brisbane would have, but you would probably suspect the night-time trains in Sydney are probably a bit busier and would have more people on them,” he said as quoted by Brisbane Times.

“That, I suspect, probably contributes to that feeling of unease (in Brisbane), particularly if you’re travelling by yourself on one of those trains that head out right into the suburbs. But why the big change in the past year? I’m honestly not quite sure.”