A 21-month-old Brisbane toddler was found dead under mysterious circumstances. Neither his father nor his mother could give a reason to the Queensland police how their child died. While the matter is being investigated, police suspects a foul play surrounding the child’s alleged injury marks all over his body which his father claims to be results of natural phenomena.

Andrew O’Sullivan, the 35-year old step-father of the toddler was questioned by the police regarding the boy’s sudden death. He said that the little one had turned blue and was gasping for breath when he found him in his room. Later, Mason’s body was discovered by the officials at 12:30 am Saturday in Caboolture.

Based on accounts given by the father to the police, he had put the boy to bed with a bottle the previous night. When he saw the child dying, he started giving him CPR. In the meantime, the child’s mother, Anne, was not present at home when the incident happened as she was at her home 1km away.

She regretted what happened and told Channel 7 that the child was a, “Beautiful boy…a social butterfly who loved life, family and his siblings,” as reported by News.com.au. A new page called ‘GoFundMe’ has been opened on a social networking site to raise awareness among people to coax them contribute money towards the fund.

The group, however, aims to raise $3000 for the little one’s funeral expenses. The post on the fundraising page reads, “We are a group of neighbors that would like Mason to have the farewell he deserves. To help his mum to cope with her pain and grief.”

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According to reports by SMH, police were called at the house of Caboolture in the first hours of yesterday morning, when ambulance officers discovered the body of the boy. When asked, Detective Senior-Sergeant Windsor, officer-in-charge of the Caboolture Child Protection and Investigation Unit, said that the boy’s house now remains a crime scene, although no one is arrested.

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