The Brisbane storm has adversely affected several lives, properties and livelihood of residents, with further predictions revealing that the weather will turn wilder in the coming days.

According to reports, more storms will strike the region as Queensland is all set to welcome summer heatwaves. Weather forecasters have indicated that Thursday will see a wilder weather change, which will be a hint of the swelter to come. The storm on Wednesday has led to the injury of two. Around 11,000 properties have lost electricity. The authorities reported that 40 power cables were down.

Lightning struck a traffic controller in the Brisbane storm on the Gold Coast. There were no visible injuries but she was still admitted to Gold Coast University Hospital for a checkup. On the other hand, a teenager suffered injury after a free fell on him at Forest Lake due to the severe weather conditions. He was also taken to Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital for his hip and leg injuries. The storm took the south-east Queensland route on Wednesday afternoon.

What is the situation now after the Brisbane storm?

Electricity supplier Energex confirmed that its staff members are working to restore power in the affected regions. The report revealed that around 6,000 lighting strikes were observed in the afternoon, which facilitated strong winds blowing on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Logan regions.

The severe storm cell described the Brisbane storm as “very dangerous”. It said that it will not only lead to heavy rainfall but is also expected to bring golf ball-sized hail and damaging winds to the regions. In addition, the storm will have more than 3,300 lightning strikes supporting it.

According to The Courier Mail, the temperature of the city after the Brisbane storm is expected to reach 33 degrees while southern parts of the state might see more increase ,with the mercury level surging beyond 40 degrees. It is expected to be around 38 degrees on Friday, which is a temperature nine degrees above what December experiences on the average.

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