A weather forecaster has warned Brisbane residents of a sharp rise in temperature this week after an intense storm hit the capital city, damaging several properties on Monday.

The Bureau of Meteorology has issued a series of warnings to not only Brisbane but also to Adelaide, Sydney and some parts of Victoria. It stated that a wild westerly airstream was forwarding towards South Australia from the Great Australian Blight. This is expected to bring winds of 50-60 km/hr along with 90 km/hr gusts accompanied by showers as well as thunderstorms.

Following the same system, the weather is likely to bring destructive winds to Victoria with 95 km/hr gusts in and across the southwest region of Mallee and also to central and northern parts of the state, including the far east region of Gippsland.

During the Brisbane storm on Monday, over 60 calls for help were made to the State Emergency Service. One of the houses lost its roof after the winds lifted it off at Rochedale. In addition, many more properties were damaged. Within half an hour, almost 15 millimeters of rainfall occurred, leading to power outage in almost 11,000 properties across the city.

Reports have suggested that all the damages have been identified on Tuesday morning. The bureau’s senior forecaster Michael Knepp mentioned the effects of the storm and also stated the upcoming weather conditions, saying the temperature would be 30 degrees Celsius over the next week.

“We’re left with sunny conditions for the next seven days or so, and just a warming trend,” he told 612 ABC Brisbane. “If you’re close to the coast, you may see temps 30-31 … a bit more inland it may go as high as 36,” he added. “There’s not much change from day to day over the next week or so. Just a slow warm up as we go into the weekend.