Brisbane sexual assault matter in which a young nanny was the victim has grabbed the legal attention. Police have asked for a new footage related to the event. It has been almost two months since the Petrie’s Polish couple were attacked.

The victims were beaten quite hard with the 24-year-old nanny also becoming the victim of the sexual attack. The couple was attacked on November 25, 2016, while they were taking a walk. The detectives are now searching for the man who harassed the woman sexually. According to reports, there had been no similar attack reported from the area besides this one.

Police have revealed on Tuesday that the nanny was not only the victim of physical abuse but also fell prey to Brisbane sexual assault. She was brutally abused after which she was taken to hospital instantly. Besides a broken nose, the victim also suffered serious head and facial injuries. As a result, she had to undergo surgery.

Brisbane Sexual Assault – Three of the Attackers Arrested

Following the Brisbane sexual assault incident, she returned to her native land Poland in December. But the police have continuously been searching for the attackers. Among the attackers, law enforcement officers have identified and caught three, who were caught after they obtained the security camera footage from the date and place of the incident.

Detective Senior Constable Clinton Olsson said that the department has obtained all possible CCTV footage of the Brisbane sexual assault. He confirmed the identification of three people. These three people included a woman wearing a black top and carried a bag, a man with a brown and white dog rode a bicycle, and another person who was on a motorbike.

“If anyone knows one of those people or you are that person please come forward … even if you don’t think you have any information that can assist us, it is just so we can eliminate you from being a person of interest,” he said as quoted by Brisbane Times. “We just have to rule them out, they might have seen something they might not think is important but it may be a key part of the investigation.”

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