A man wearing camouflage clothing and carrying a gun has been arrested at Rochedale South, south of Brisbane, reported ABC.

But police said it appeared the man was in training and was unaware of the disturbance he was creating.

Several police units responded to the area surrounding Priestdale Road in Rochedale South after a witness reported a sighting a man, possibly armed with a firearm, at 11.10am.

Rochedale State High School and other nearby schools and preschools went into lockdown during the search. 

Inspector Daniel Bragg said police stopped the man in Priestdale Road at Rochedale and that he was carrying a backpack and a homemade metal replica machine gun made of piping and cut to replicate a weapon.

“I get the impression he wasn’t aware of the havoc that was wreaked as a result of his actions,” Insp Bragg said.

“I’m led to believe the male person actually ran quite a distance.

“He was clearly in the middle of doing some very serious training.

“I think he was running for the whole time that police were searching for him, which is why it took a while to locate him because he was out and about, travelling at quite a pace.”

The man was taken to Mount Gravatt Police Station just before 1:00 pm.

Inspector Daniel Bragg said he was calm and cooperative, and seemed “very remorseful”.

It is an offence to carry a weapon to cause fear, but it is not yet clear whether the man will be charged.