A Brisbane restaurant has been criticized for promoting its celebration of the British Empire’s colonial values and traditions, thereby being called a “gross racist.”

British Colonial Co. faced huge public criticism after it promoted the British Empire’s “push into the developing cultures of the world.” Though the restaurant owners and management have denied the claims, they instantly changed the tagline following the controversy.

“Inspired by the stylish days of the empirical push into the developing cultures of the world, with the promise of adventure and modern refinement in a safari setting,” the restaurant’s punchline read prior to the criticism. “A refined and modern dining experience with the adventure of east meets west in a plantation style, club setting,” the changed tagline stated on Monday after all the negative comments and feedback on social media.

The reactions of the public seemed to be mixed, with some of the commenters confirming that people were overreacting as the tagline appeared to be a “politically correct brigade.” On the other hand, a few found the whole text of the Brisbane restaurant as a disgustingly racist expression. The restaurant stated that it was disappointed to see the negative attention the brand was getting. The owner and the management were proud of their initiative but nothing went well with such unexpected feedback, News.com.au reported.

The Hawthorne-based restaurant was set up in June 2016 and served hickory smoked quail with tarragon polenta, lamb burger with goat curd, hummus, baby spinach, eggplant spinach sauce influence by Africans, grilled eggplant and carrot jam.

“British Colonial Co was founded on the principles of providing Brisbane foodies with relaxed, casual dining,” the Brisbane restaurant spokeswoman said as quoted by Yahoo News. “We believe that our decor and menu have great synergy with Brisbane’s climate and the expansive palette of our clientele who are looking for a melting pot of food and beverages to enjoy in a relaxed atmosphere.”