A three-month-old baby girl was left abandoned at a share house’s front veranda in Brisbane and was discovered by a university student during lunchtime on Sunday.

Long Nguyen said that he was on his way to university when he found the baby on the front porch. He started to panic, but he was able to take the tiny infant, who was sleeping at the time, inside the Herston home and called authorities after he calmed down.

When the baby woke up and began crying, he tried to make her relax by turning on the TV to watch some cartoons. The attempt didn’t work, but police arrived not long after.

The baby was taken to the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital, where she is under observation and has already gone through several hospital checks, according to SBS.

A woman believed to be the mother of the abandoned baby girl was discovered near Brisbane International Airport later on in the day.

There have been reports that the woman’s husband had gone to the authorities as his wife and toddler were missing. However, the Queensland Police could not verify these reports.

Along with the baby, the woman is also going through health assessment and observation at Prince Charles Hospital, according to The Australian.

Incidents where parents have abandoned their infant children are not uncommon in Australia, as several cases have been reported in this year alone.

About three months ago, a two-day-old baby was found on the doorstep of a Griffith home in southwestern New South Wales.

The baby was found by the residents of the home after they answered a doorbell just before the stroke of midnight.

Just about a month ago, a couple from Bunbury involved in an international surrogacy scandal was accused of abandoning one of their babies in Thailand. However, they have since been cleared of the charges.