Brisbane gets its very own digital dinosaur zoo. People can now experience living in the Jurassic age at QUT’s Gardens Point campus.

The Cube is one of the world’s largest digital interactive learning and display spaces at Queensland University, Brisbane. Its official site reveals that it would bring dinosaurs to life.

The Cube team has partnered with Dr. Scott Hocknull to create the Dino Zoo. Dr. Hocknull is the paleontologist of Queensland Museum.

Dr. Hocknull has incorporated all the latest research in recreating these hyper-realistic, prehistoric animals and their environment.

The Cube Studio Video programmers have given artificial intelligence to the dinosaurs, which have enabled them to make their own decisions about moving, hunting and grazing in this unique digital zoo.

In Cube’s brand new Dino Zoo, children can meet the dinosaurs which are most scientific, life-sized and accurate. It will be a learning experience for the children, as they dig for fossils and gain more knowledge about dinosaur evolution.

Fossil records were the basis of Dino Zoo, stated the Brisbane Times. It was built with an aim to keep all the aspects of it as accurate as possible.

Dr. Hocknull said, “we used direct evidence from the fossil record to rebuild these extinct animals and their environment. We also observed their closest living relatives- birds and crocodiles- and this gave us the perfect palette to bring the Dino Zoo world to live.”

“This is a zoo in the true sense of the word- we’ve set the animals loose behind the glass and we can’t control what they do or when they do it,” informed Cube Studio manager Sean Druitt.

The life-like experience might be terrifying for some small children. Speculating a negative experience, the studio’s online site warned that children, especially those under 12 years, must have adult supervision to ensure a fun experience.

Cube also revealed that it would celebrate the arrival of its “new prehistoric pals”, with dinosaur themed family entertainment, from January 6 to 26.

Dino Zoo also has other different features — it has digital activities, an interactive earth timeline, and an archaeological dig simulator among others.