A father and his two sons were able to escape their home that went ablaze in the early hours of Friday morning in south Brisbane, thanks to their family dog.

The fire destroyed the two-storey house located at Acacia Ridge in Queensland at around 12:45 in the morning. It rapidly spread to a boat and some cars in the front yard and threatened neighboring houses.

Durack Fire Station Officer Owen George said that the three adults were sleeping upstairs but they woke up to the sound of the family dog barking as the fire continued to blaze below. He remarked that the family was “extremely lucky.”

“They did have operating smoke alarms but because the fire was very intense downstairs, there was little to no smoke actually in the upstairs area of the dwelling,” George said, according to Brisbane Times.

Fire investigators are not treating the fire on the Caxton Street home, which took around six fire crews to extinguish, as suspicious, but they are set to examine the cause of it.

The crews stayed behind to keep an eye on the hot spots. What’s left of the property is still blazing, and investigators won’t be able to examine it until later on in the day.

The blaze woke numerous residents near the vicinity, with one woman claiming she heard “a number of explosions.”

“I heard a number of explosions, called my boyfriend and he came and picked me up and we could see flames from the property about two streets away. A lot of smoke and high flames,” said Taylah-Lewise Sekulla-Collburn, according to Nine News.

The family has been living in the home for four decades. They’ve been transferred to an emergency accommodation for the time being, though George added that the family was “obviously distressed.”

“They’ve lost everything,” he said. “Their house, car, business records, everything, so fairly distraught.”