A Brisbane couple has been found dead in the Gold Coast property while children were at home. Neighbors said that they were alarmed to see the children running outside their home at around 6:30 am. The bodies reportedly belonged to 52-year-old David Bradford and 40-year-old Theresa Bradford.

Police described the circumstances in which the bodies were recovered as “suspicious.” As a result, an investigation has been conducted on the matter. According to the latest update, the man took his own life after stabbing and murdering his wife. The man was on bail after being charged with domestic violence earlier. Police have claimed that Bradford did not live at the Pimpama property where the Brisbane incident took place.

According to officers, the man entered the house and stabbed his estranged wife. After killing the woman, he took his own life. In November 2016, domestic assault charges were laid on the man against his wife. He was granted bail earlier in January 2017.

Witnesses’ Respond on Brisbane Deaths

One of the friends of the woman victim, Karina Mason, was interrogated over the Brisbane matter. She said that the domestic violence incident of November was quite a serious one. “She did fight very hard for her life that day, and she did talk him down and she was able to call for an ambulance,” she said.

During the earlier phase of the investigation of the Brisbane incident, Detective Inspector Mark Thompson said that the matter was considered suspicious. Hence, it could not be said if it was a murder suicide. “Any death of this nature is treated as suspicious so it’s very difficult for me to say murder suicide at this point in time,” he said.

While the police department has established a crime scene on the spot, neighbors have shown their concern for the children left behind. “It is a damn shame for something to happen like that. Two lives — it is very disturbing,” Brisbane property neighbour Susan Helyard said as quoted by the ABC. “I feel for the children that have been left behind.”

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