A Brisbane teen has shared a video footage in which she slashed out over a cab driver as he lost way to her destination. The media outlets have described the scene as an “epic, obscene” online tirade.

The Snapchat video of the Brisbane teen, Tamika Dudley has grabbed huge online attention. The users could understand the frustration she would have gone through during the situation. The girl recorded the whole rant on the social media platform. The rant was filled with expletives.

She also used captions and even filters to her footage. This was to ensure her messages are not misunderstood. “I put in the GPS … so follow the GPS. What’s so hard … what’s so f— hard about following the GPS,” the video shows her screaming at the driver. “I swear to God, if you get lost again there’s going to be a lot of trouble … swear to f— God.”

According to further reporters, the Brisbane teen was apparently asked to be out of the taxi following the abusive tirade. The 19-year-old girl claimed in the video that she would have to pay for a 50-minute journey instead of the 10-minute journey as the driver lost his way. “You picked me up and you’re a cab driver and you’re telling me to get out because you don’t know where you’re going?” she said.

Channel 7 Covers Brisbane Teen vs. Car Driver Story

The entire video was aired by Channel 7. At one point, she wrote that she was “literally going to flog this cab driver.” Dudley thanked the channel as it covered the story. She said that after she shared the video, her fan following has increased hugely. She mentioned that she only had 92K views on Snapchat before the news aired while it was so much higher now.

The Brisbane teenager wrote on Facebook that she loved to be hated. “Hate all you want,” she wrote. She also added in her FB post that if the cab driver “wants to start on me,” she would not hesitate to show her crazy side as well.

Meanwhile, cab drivers told the channel that they were quite surprised to see the video. One of the drivers said that he already experienced a similar incidence in the past. He added that in such instances, it is better to calm the passenger down and not involve in a steamy debate.

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