The murder of Labor MP Jo Cox has ignited the fire hidden inside the EU referendum voters who are already aware of what to vote for and where to stand regarding the notion.

Tommy Mair, 52, grotesquely killed the MP by continuously stabbing and shooting her. The heinous act, according to surveys, might has not affected the EU referendum procedure but it had impacted the morale of the people. The man while murdering the Member of Parliament, shouted, “Put Britain First.” The words uttered indicated that the reason behind Cox’s murder was her firm support for Britain’s retention of position in the EU referendum.

Ignoring to discover the brighter side of the unity of the EU and the UK, some people are busy unleashing the darker impact of Britain’s EU bonding on the world. It was this negative mindset that led to the death of Cox. Brexit will definitely pose vital impacts worldwide but the most prominent effect will be thrown at the United Kingdom and the European Union as a whole.

The 5 facts that might be considered as positive or negative for the European nations are as follows:

Foreign investment

It is expected that if the European Union does not get Britain’s support, foreign companies will hardly seek interest in investing into the EU ventures. The EU fears that if Britain exits, foreign companies might shift headquarters to other parts of the world. Express UK reported that Woodford Investment Management founder, Neil Woodford said that those who are pro-EU referendum believe that the economy would hardly be hampered if the UK leaves the EU.

Refugee crisis

Pro-EU people think that the bonding between the two, the UK and the EU, would lessen the immigration burden. With the increasing number of refugees hitting EU border, the Europeans have tightened the immigration policies, which the people who back Britain’s position in the EU referendum, support.

Loss of jobs

The 28-nation group, according to the, believes that breakup of the Britain’s tie-up with the EU will directly affect the job market negatively.

Impact on oil prices

The oil industry is also under super pressure, fearing the thought of Britain leaving the EU. However, the industry aces are sure that the changes, even if the tie between the two breaks,will take a few years to be implemented. Capital Economics’ Chief Global Economist Julian Jessop, according to Proactive Investors UK, claimed that even the Leave group has indicated that the changes would not take place before 2020.

Britain’s outstanding bill

According to the rules, if Britain chooses to quit the EU referendum, it will not have to pay the amount it is responsible for paying every year for the EU budget. The Guardian states that the share of Britain is 12.5 percent.

The result of the EU referendum voting is long awaited by the Europeans and hopefully, will prove beneficial for Europe and its economy as well as the world in general.