Brexit might have prompted the loss of sleep among market analysts, astrologers are now predicting that the vote will be in favor of Britain’s continuation as a member of the European Union.

Indian astrologers have claimed that the stars are in the support for Britain’s continuation as an EU member. The Reserve Bank of India’s chairman Raghuram Rajan made an exit earlier this week. But the market survived the loss, showing how strong Indian economy and market is. But Brexit vote is a major concern as there is a possibility that if Britain leaves the 28-nation backed EU, it might not allow the world to cope with it and can easily destabilize the market.

The United Kingdom polls, according to Wall Street Journal, have revealed that the voters are keen to vote for Britain’s sty in the EU. On the other hand, the betting market believes that Brexit might negatively affect the market and hamper its stability. Some political analysts have shown trust on the polls while few have indicated their distrust on the same.

With the Indian astrological prediction favoring the UK polls, the market worries have declined to a certain level. Astrologer Murtaza Ali has referred to the June 23 referendum and said that there is nothing to worry about. “The Indian market is likely to move in a range. The upper cap or the range for Nifty50 would be around 8,338-8,388 level whereas the downside will be capped at 8,038-7,988 levels,” he said as quoted by the Economic Times.

“India should not worry too much about the Brexit referendum,” Astro-Numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani from Mumbai said. “We are in our 69th (6, Venus) year, which can be a landmark year for the market, especially when it coincides with 2016 (9, Mars),” he added.

Some of the astrologers have analyzed the positions of the planet to discover what’s there in store for the world as far as Brexit was concerned. According to the planetary positions, the stock market will remain stabilized. The reports suggested that the positions depicted that the food processing market and housing and the stock market will get considerable initial support.