Brendan Fevola has been crowned as the king of the jungle as he wins “I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here.” The reality show went on for six weeks where twelve celebrities contested.

The Real Fevola

Fevola had spent a lot of time in rehab for drinking, gambling and depression. He spent 44 nights in the South African jungle for the reality series, says News Corp.

He was pretty eloquent about how he wanted people to perceive him. He said he was hopeful that people were able to see the real him while he was in there.

“I’ve obviously had a chequered past … but I wanted people to see the real me,” he said on Sunday night.

The Runner-Up’s Comment

Fevola’s fellow campmate and runner-up Paul “The Chief” Harragon can attest to Fevola’s character. They were the remaining contestants who fought for the position after Laurine Fleure was voted out, says The Sydney Morning Herald.

“I don’t know what all that fuss was about the past but he is one of the all-time greats,” Harragon said.

The Donation

Fevola, a former AFL player, announced that he would be making a contribution to runner-up Harragon’s charity, the Mark Hughes Foundation.

“I know that I’ve won $100,000 … But I’m going to give $50,000 to the Mark Hughes foundation,” he said.

Fevola was competing against the Shane Warne Foundation, with the help of his fellow campmate’s charity. The Shane Warne Foundation is about to shut down due to its incapability of accounting for a good amount of cash.

“Shane’s charity wraps up at the end of the month but if the money was to be won by myself that money will go to a worthy cause before then,” he said without mentioning about the audit.

The Supporters

The former campmates were given the right to choose winners according to their perception, while the competition came down to two campers.

Warne, who came fifth, made Fevola as his choice. However, “Hey Hey It’s Saturday” presenter Jo Beth Taylor chose Harragon.

The Friendship

Singer Anthony Callea and Fevola became unlikely friends while they were inside the jungle. Callea also supported and powered up Fevola’s win through the social media.

Fevola was declared the winner of the Network Ten reality show on Sunday night.