A series of blasts rocked Brussels, the capital city of Belgium. The blasts were heard on Wednesday night in the suburb of Saint-Gilles where the fire ripped as several parked cars exploded.

The cars parked near a popular Moda Nova café blasted, according to initial reports. Around eight cars blasted close to Avenue Adolphe Demeure as well as the commercial corner of Rue d’Albanie. However, the cause of the blast is still unknown and authorities are investigating the matter. The British reports have indicated that the blasts appear to be caused by the cars set ablaze when the explosion was heard.

No casualties have yet been reported.

News.com.au noted that Saint-Gilles suburb is only four kilometers from the European Parliament. It is towards the south of the capital. There is a total of 19 municipalities in the capital, one of which is the Saint-Gilles.

Belgium has remained on high alert since the time when terrorists associated with Paris attacks of November were traced in Brussels. In March, blasts occurred at Brussel’s international airport as well as a metro station in the city center of the capital. The incident claimed the lives of 32 people.

Police cordoned off the spot and firefighters were called on the scene to put the fire out. The police have dismissed any connections of the attack with the terrorist groups. They said it was not an act of terror.

The pictures of the incident were uploaded online. This is a developing story, please check back for any updates.