Brazil’s Justice Minister Jose Eduardo Cardozo resigned from his position on Monday following his failure to handle corruption cases.  The resignation came following the increasing dissatisfaction with the Workers’ Party over investigation of corruption cases.

Cardozo failed to probe the cases involving big dignitaries. It included the country’s popular former president, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.  CNBC reports that several police chiefs complained about Cardozo’s move to restrict deep investigation of cases.

According to a news release, Cardozo will head for the position of attorney general. The post does not involve any criminal investigations and prosecutions.  While Wellington Cesar Lima e Silva, Bahia state prosecutor, will take the place of Cardozo as the new justice minister.

The pressure on Cardozo grew after Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (president from 2003-2010) was told that courts were preparing to subpoena his bank, telephone and financial records.

Silva said:”If this is the price people must pay to prove their innocence, I’ll do it. The only thing I want is that afterward they give me a good conduct certificate. I doubt there is anyone more honest than I am in the country.”

Earlier, Silva was interrogated over the financial dealings of his children and friends. He was also questioned over his ownership of “a beach-front penthouse triplex and country estate”.

The properties were renovated by construction companies who were involved in a scandal at Petrobras (a multinational energy company). However, Silva denied that the properties belonged to him. The scandal led to the detention of ex-treasurer of the PT, Joao Vaccari. Other leaders including Jose Dirceu (right-hand man to Silva) were also taken under the probe.

When Dilma Rousseff sworn-in as the President, Cardozo was appointed to the position of Justice Minister in January 2011. He was one of the “chief executive’s most faithful champions”, according to FOX News Latino.