Following a Brazilian soccer team plane crash on Tuesday outside Medellin, Colombia, reports of the death of a minimum of 71 people along with the survival of six have been obtained.

According to the latest reports, there were 77 people, including some Brazilian footballers, on board when the plane crashed. At this time, six people have been found alive and the rescue crew members continue to comb wreckage to see if there are any other survivors of the crash. Plane Avro RJ85 was en route to Medellin on Monday night from Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

The civil aviation authorities confirmed the figures of survival and reported fatalities. There were nine crew members on the flight when the plane crashed. Reports have revealed that the plane suffered power failure while on air as it few through the Antioquia Department. It is claimed that the pilot took circular rounds to avoid explosion as he identified the loss of fuel.

Brazilian Soccer Team plane crash survivor details

Several fans were waiting outside a stadium in Brazil to cheer their favorite soccer players but their excitement turned into sorrow as they came to know about the plane crash. Chapecoense goalkeeper Danilo was reportedly found among the remains of the jet and was instantly taken for treatment after the crash but he died later.

The 31-year-old player made a last emotional phone call to his wife before he took his last breath. Ahead of starting his journey to Columbia, the soccer player took selfies with peer Alan Ruschel and posted it on a social media website. “We’re coming Columbia,” he accompanied the selfie with the text.

Ruschel was recovered alive from the mangled remains of the plane along with other Brazilian soccer team players – defender Helio Hermito Zampier Neto and goalkeeper Jacson Folmann. Other passengers who were found alive included Ximena Suarez and Rafael Correa Gobbato to name a few.

According to New Zealand Herald, it has been just 20 days when the same plane carried the Argentinian football team to Brazil for a qualifying match for World Cup. It contained superstar players Lionel Messi and Angel Di Maria.

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