Square Enix has finally released Bravely Second, the sequel to the hit “Bravely Default” role-playing game. Some have already tried the game and enjoyed it. This time, players can finally get their chance to play it as it is now available in game shops. Now it is time to give tips on how to play the game with an advantage by reading our mini guide. Venture Beat provided some info on the guides.

Test out other Job Classes

Each Job (or Asterisk) in Bravely Second has its own unique skills and abilities, some are suitable for buffing, while some for dishing out tons of damage. And each time you leveled your Job, more powerful skills are unlocked, so be sure to max out each of the jobs you unlocked. The best part with the Job system is mixing and matching with other Jobs, which makes any character build more versatile. So be sure to mix some Jobs that will complement with each other.

Keep on grinding

Some may not like it, but in Bravely Second, grinding early can give you an advantage. Be sure to start grinding when you have all four characters in your party. Look for a place where there is an area that you can easily kill monsters within a turn and max out the encounter rate to 100 percent. Keep on running around the area until you reach your desired level and maxed out any Jobs that you need for your line-up.

Build your Moon Base early

Like in the first game, you will be micromanaging your base. Be sure to upgrade all the facilities early on to get some of the rare items available for purchase, plus free consumable items for every hour when the game is left idle. To speed up the upgrade, be sure to grab enough Streetpasses from other players who are playing Bravely Second, and keep your game on sleep mode when you are not playing it. In about a week your Moon Base will be maxed out in no time where you can get better equipment early in the game (if you have enough funds to buy them).

Hopefully, these handy tips will give players an early start on their game. Bravely Second is now available for the Nintendo 3DS.