“BrainDead,” a new political thriller drama, claims to deliver many uncanny things to the viewers making it watch worthy.  The masterminds behind the show are Robert King and Michelle King: the duo that created “The Good Wife.”

The series debuted on June 13 on CBS and features the familiar occurrences of real-life politicians like Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and Hillary Clinton, on the small screen, playing their stump speeches.

Here are 5 convincing reasons why you should watch it:

#1 The Political Punch

International Business Times says “BraineDead” follows the story-line of Capitol Hill staff, Laurel, and her discovery of strange bugs that have been feasting on the brains of politician. The list includes a large number of Congress members and Hill staff.

#2 The Alien Angel

Aliens are the sci-Fi  heroes of our time. Even the research on the show eventually discovers that the rising disharmony is caused by alien entities. Do not start imagining something absurd. These are the alien ants which came from a crashed meteor.

#3 The Powerful Female Front-runner

This is the era of women empowerment. Following the trend, the show has a female front-runner named Laurel played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Defining her powerful role Winstead said, “Once she’s in it, her natural competitiveness and her innate political side come out. She’s someone who has a real need for truth and authenticity in her life.  I think it starts out as almost a compulsion of just needing to get to the truth … and her nature of wanting to help people makes her want to see it through to the end.”

#4 Pokes Fun at Political System

Time and again, we have seen the media using satire to depict the political mismanagement of the countries.  Looks like, “BrainDead” is adding to the list giving the viewers another classic mockery of the political system. Why do the alien ants target only the political brains? It looks like the political humor interests these tiny monsters a lot.

Watch the Trailer Below:

#5 ‘Extraordinary Event’ Promised by the Creators

Hollywood Reporter learned that creator King explained, “In BrainDead we wanted kind of the reverse — we wanted one extraordinary event that takes our lead character into worlds of absurdity and she’s not able to handle it.” Michelle added that mixing a political story with a “bug eating brains” element presents newness. “We’re able to go a lot more absurd and go more to analogy and metaphor through comedy. If we went straight to the politics, it could become very earnest very quickly.”

Episode 2 of “BrainDead” titled “Playing Politics: Living Life in the Shadow of the Budget Showdown – A Critique” airs on June 20.