The “BrainDead” premiere is expected to be a weird comedy about Washington politics including Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump shenanigans.

CBS has scheduled the new American comedy series “BrainDead” this Monday. Robert and Michelle King, creators of “BrainDead,” wrapped up an exciting show this Monday.

According to Washington Post, the said show was like an adaptation of their recently concluded drama “The Good Wife.” So there are many reasons  to be excited for this show.

Perhaps, the husband-and-wife team thought about creating an interesting plot on Washington politics.

From there, they might have planned making a political joke from it for their audience.

Like “The Good Wife,” the plot was reported to be fun and weird. However, the source noted that the “BrainDead” series can be a brain-deader.

In fact, it was compared to new mediocre television series “Zoo” and “Extant,” wherein ridiculous plotting was noticed.

The conclusion of the said report was based from the initial screenings that showed spoilers, too.

Washington Post emphasized Laurel Healy’s role on the series and how the story revolved around her.  Mary Elizabeth Winstead played the role of a documentary filmmaker wannabe.

Though she claimed to be a great documentary filmmaker without finishing any masterpiece, she was offered by her father a position as staff for her dashing brother Sen. Luke Healy.

The offer was in exchange for paying her student loans and funding for her film. That is, if Laurel said yes.

The plot revolved on this particular doubt by the main character and her discoveries in politics while giving efforts to take a look on a strange story by Gareth Ritter, an ambitious staffer.

In addition to the spoilers, Laurel would be expected to be so convinced that something’s fishy with Washington’s collective mind after witnessing a Smithsonian scientist’s head explode.

With this plot, it was also noted that maybe “BrainDead” can be considered as a perfect representation of how the United States politics really look like, The Inquisitr cited.

After the preliminary screenings, “BrainDead” was criticised with its lack of deep satire and was labeled as “thin as Donald Trump’s skin.”

Speaking of Donald Trump, he and Hillary Clinton were assumed to be the main persons attacked by the upcoming series. This was all cleared when Laurel stood in the office with their photos hanging on the wall.

In general, the audience could expect twisted American politics as the main subject of “BrainDead” with a mix of Kings’ creativity and wit. Surely, they expected everyone would like the show.

The “BrainDead” premiere is scheduled this Monday at 10pm on CBS.