A–list actor Brad Pitt has just played superhero and rescued a young girl from being crushed by the crowd at the set of his latest film.

The 52-year-old actor walked down to greet fans while filming in the Canary Islands in Spain for his upcoming film “Allied.”  At a certain point, the fans become unruly as they pressed a little girl against the fence, People magazine wrote.

Pitt spotted the young girl, who seemed to be getting pushed against the fence. The video below shows the actor pointing her out before he and two bodyguards lifted her over the fence, away from the mob of fans.

video of the incident was shared online and it quickly became viral. It showed the father of seven comforting the young girl and talking to her as they lift her out of rowdy crowd. Once she is on the safe side of the fence, the girl can be seen crying as Pitt stands beside her. The girl remained at Pitt’s side until the medics arrived.

According to Daily News, the crowd was waiting for hours for Pitt to appear and when he did, the tragedy almost occurred.

Spanish news outlet La Provincia reported that the girl, named Claudia, was treated on the scene by a medical team. Fortunately, she didn’t appear to sustain any injuries.

Claudia’s mother, María Dolores Hernández, told Spain’s El Diario in Spanish that she “sought help from the American star, because (he) was the only one who paid attention to what was happening to her daughter in the front row.”

Brad Pitt waved once more to the fans before walking away after ensuring that the girl was attended by medics.

“Allied” is set to hit theatres on Nov. 23.

Meanwhile, Pitt has been in the center of divorce rumours. Reports claim the “World War Z” actor cheated on wife Angelina Jolie with his co-star Marion Cotillard.