“The Boys” comic books are finally making their way to television screens. These comics are known for being R-rated and outrageous. What can fans expect from this upcoming adaptation? Below, we round up seven things from the comic books that fans will see on TV soon.

1. Anti-Superhero Sentiments

Slash Film calls the comic series a “big middle finger to superheroes and all they stand for.” The TV adaptation will surely be the same.

2. Superheroes Gone Wild

The comics’ heroes all have super powers, but that does not mean they are exempt from behaving outrageously. According to Movie Pilot, “The Boys” is set to explore “what goes on behind closed doors” for this group of special characters. What kinds of salacious acts will these characters do on the show? You have to wait for the show to come out to find out.

3. Rape, Necrophilia and Oral Sex

Aside from drug use, sexual perversions figure heavily in the series. According to Pilot, one character, Homelander, is particularly notorious for these things. On paper, he was shown committing a sexual act on a president’s corpse.  Even wives of “The Boys” are not safe from him. Will these moments find their way on screen? Stay tuned to find out.

4. Nazi Scientists

American Horror Story also featured a Nazi scientist once upon a time. But arguably, “The Boys” did it first. Nazi scientists are responsible for creating the drug, Compound V, that gave the group their super powers.

5. A Pretty Sordid Backstory 

Members of the main group were injected with Compound V after they were abducted as children. And some of them, including their founder John Godolkin, were even sexually abused before.

6. Vagina Asteroid

You have been warned.

7. A Really Compelling Story 

“There’s a rockstar of a storyteller underneath all of the gore and dick jokes,” Slash Film assured.