Police have charged an 11-year-old for stabbing and murdering a 26-year-old man at Perth’s Esplanade bus and train station.

According to Perth Now, the man was stabbed during a massive brawl between two groups on January 27 at the station in the wake of which a boy has been arrested on Saturday. The victim was taken to Royal Perth Hospital, but he died later. The alleged murderer is the fourth suspect arrested after the incident and he will be presented in Perth Children’s Court on Monday.

On Friday, two 19-year-old boys, Dylan Terrance Wayne Anthony and Clinton Frederick Mead, were arrested and brought to the court. The police said that the two boys were helping them through their response to inquiries relating to the Perth stabbing incident. 9News reported that the two boys will remain under custody until their next court hearing on February 24.

In addition, there was another man who was also arrested on charges of the stabbing incident. He appeared in court last week. His identity is yet to be revealed. Witnesses present at the brawl scene revealed that bricks were thrown as around 20 people got involved in the incident. The incident took place at around 3:30 a.m. just after Australia Day celebrations were over.

According to the federal law, children from the age of 10 can be held responsible for their criminal actions. The Esplanade Train Station, Elizabeth Quay Station at present, was disturbed by the incident and hence remained closed for most of the days after the incident. Following the murder, the authorities urged commuters to use Perth Underground Station and avoid the area, if possible.

Not much before the above incident, a violent stabbing case in Geelong was reported to Victorian police. In the incident, a woman, 36, was attempted to murder by a man, 43, suspected to be known to her. She was taken to Geelong Hospital.