The mother of the 10-year-old Bourke St massacre victim has been informed her daughter has died. The victim, Thalia Hakin, has been buried thus Wednesday. As the mother was also injured and still recovering, her daughter’s funeral arrangement was made behind her back. The mother has only been informed at 3 AM.

“Up to this morning she was not aware … So much of the planning had to be done behind her back,” her husband Tony Hakin said, according to The seriously injured mother was able to mutter some words. She said that she knows what happened and took her “little angel” but she does not know what to do with it. She wants everyone to know that her daughter was her “little butterfly, the light of my life.”

At the funeral, Thalia’s 9-year-old sister Maggie sat in a wheelchair with her leg elevated. She was also injured from Friday’s rampage. Over 600 members of Melbourne’s Jewish community went to the school. People also remembered Thalia as being a good sister and daughter.

Last Friday, Tony received a call from Maggie who told him that someone run over her leg. The father asked for her mother and she said that she was lying on the ground. When he asked about her sister, Maggie did not respond.

“I was frantically looking for my family … My wife was lying on the ground being looked after by paramedics and Maggie was sitting up being helped by people — not just paramedics but average Joe Blows,” said Tony. Maggie was standing behind her mother and sister and did not suffer the same injuries as them. Thalia, on the other hand, has been killed instantly, says Tony.

Tony states that his family will never be the same again, adding: “My family has two legs. A right leg and a left leg. The left leg is Maggie and the right leg is Thalia. I’m now hobbling along on one leg.”