Bosch and company are returning with a second season today on Amazon Prime Video. The trailer of the new season has been released a couple of months back.

From one view of the trailer it can be said that this season would be about Harry and LAPD going after organized crime in the city.

While that sounds good, here are 5 things for the fans to expect in the new season of the show.

The Final Bad Guy

In the first season there was the concept of a “final boss.” According to Fansided, this is what gave the show a major success.

Like chasing down serial killer Raynard Waits in the pilot season, this season must have a pivotal villainous figure. And the central part of the story must revolve around Bosch and his LAPD team must chase that lone figure.

Bosch and Edgar as Yin-Yang

The underrated moments in the show’s first season was the interaction between the two partners. The conversations were highly enjoyable but we wanted more of it.

Edgar, Bosch’s partner, also acts as the relief between the heavy moments of the show. Edgar, who is unafraid to oppose Bosch, also brings out Bosch’s inner self to the viewers by complementing the character.

Los Angeles as A Character

“Every murder is the tale of a city.” Bosch said.

Season 1 had a limited focus on the city. The diverse setting of Los Angeles, its colour, depth, grandiosity etc. have been kept under the rug as of now.

This season features Connelly’s “Trunk Music” novel which was actually set in Las Vegas, says TV.Com. While shifting the location to Los Angeles, this season must portray the city as another character.

Estranged Daughter Maggie

A major character development was stepped upon when Bosch and his daughter’s estranged relationship was showcased. We saw a lot of father-daughter interactions in the later episodes of the pilot season.

While the second season focuses on the mob, there are indications of Bosch’s family getting victimised by a criminal organisation. It is vital to understand Bosch, not just as a troubled detective but also as a father of a young girl.

Bosch’s Romantic Interests

Another part that is important to this narrative is a romantic involvement. We saw a blonde woman in the season 2 trailer, sitting and smoking. There was another woman in the trailer as well.

In the pilot season, Harry was entangled with Julia from the police department. A romantic interest would not just further character building but also the part where we might see how much sacrifice would Bosch make, when needed.