What people couldn’t have dared to think, two bears have done, leaving the security system in a fix. The buzz creators here are two Boonie bear statues who are standing happy flashing the middle finger to China Security HQ. Read the hilarious story below.

The statues are from the Chinese cartoon Boonie Bears.  To celebrate Children’s Day, which fell on Wednesday this year, the bears were first installed on Sunday at the entrance of Seasons Place, a shopping mall on the Financial Street in Beijing. The two figures are reportedly part of a Bonnie Bear Theme Park in the shopping mall.

Standing quite boldly at the capital city’s financial hub, which is home to many financial institutes, the bears instantly grabbed quite a lot of attention online. The reason was that they were posed right in the direction of the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC). What makes them all the more eye-catching  is the fact that one of them is apparently giving the finger, reports People.

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It was too much for the authorities. The regulators couldn’t bear the bears’ alleged salute with their middle finger any longer, and the cartoon series was removed from the China’s securities regulator in Beijing.

Boonie Bears Give China Security HQ The Middle Finger StatuesWEIBO/Wang LILI

Boonie Bears Give China Security HQ The Middle Finger Statues

As per the online posts, the whole set of statues – including two bears, a hunter and two monkeys – were shifted to another spot that faces the Bank of Communications (BOC) before the two bears were removed from the set.

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“They [CSRC] had called us afterwards, saying the bear was using an impolite handle gesture, as if it was putting its middle finger up at them … but a bear only has four fingers, it would not give a middle finger,” quoted Zhu Lei, who is in charge of the theme park, quoted to the Beijing Youth Daily. He also mentioned that the BOC did not contact them. However, the bears were returned to the storeroom to avoid any further problems.

Zhu also clarified that they selected Boonie Bears, as it is loved by children in China.