This woman’s boob jobs turned out to be airbags in trouble after a kangaroo attacked her and a friend while they were cycling down a trail. Her breast implants ruptured in the attack.

Sharon Heinrich, 45, and her friend Helen Salter, 47, didn’t suspect of being attacked by a kangaroo. They were happily paddling down the road in the Clare Valley in South Australia state on Wednesday when they saw a cute kangaroo standing on a ledge.

As they were passing, the kangaroo hopped on both of them and knocked them down. Heinrich suffered ruptured boob implants and cracked ribs while Salter was whiplashed to the ground. That is indeed painful!

“Just out of the corner of my eye I’ve seen this kangaroo up on this ledge. I thought “he’s cute” and then he jumped on top of me and used me to launch off and on to my girlfriend,” said Heinrich in a report by Daily Mail.

‘We flew probably one-and-a-half metres after he hit us.’ she added.

Heinrich and Salter are workers at a nursing home in Clare town. They often witness the kangaroos in the scenic trail. But had no clue that a kangaroo could jump on them, according to Miamiherald.

Heinrich said the animal was taller than her and didn’t look angry. But the knockdown was so strong it left her breathless for 10 minutes. She could not be able to talk.

“Helen got up and she stayed with me until I could breathe, got on my bike and rode to a business about half a kilometre away (at Penwortham),” said Heinrich.

She will undergo surgery in Adelaide on Thursday. She said visitors should not stop going to the trail just because of the attack.

“Please don’t let anybody be scared of that Riesling Trail because it was a beautiful, beautiful ride before ‘Skip’ played,” she said.

The trail is a 35-kilometer cycling and walking the track in Clare Valley.