A Bonnyrigg High School student has been arrested at a car park after he stabbed his teacher and two other fellow classmates. The 16-year-old went on a knife rampage on Thursday. He stabbed his female science teacher, 48, and a 16-year-old male and 15-year-old female other students.

Police confirmed that the school was shut after the incident. Emergency crew members were called before 8:45 am.

The schoolboy attacked Carolyn Cox, the teacher, in the back. The two Year 11 students were stabbed in the shoulder. The teacher and the male student were immediately taken to Liverpool Hospital. The girl student, however, was admitted to Westmead Hospital.

All the three of them from Bonnyrigg High School were in a stable condition. The injuries were believed to non-life threatening. The schoolboy, who was arrested at the nearby car park, had three knives. Police seized the weapons. He has been taken to Fairfield Police Station and was cooperating with officials in inquiries.

Police Responds to Bonnyrigg High School Incident

Police said that the boy was expected to be charged any point of time on Thursday. “We’re in the process of speaking to witnesses and we have police at the hospital waiting to speak to the victims,” Fairfield Local Area Commander Superintendent Peter Lennon said. Lennon also added that the student has never been involved in any incident before as observed from the principal’s statements.

The officer called it a “one-off incident” and it was not related to terrorism but a local school issue. Police have established a crime scene at school. The Bonnyrigg High School incident occurred during the science class. A student, who was present in the room at the time of the incident, said that the suspect did not give any clue of what he did. There was no hint of such a harmful take until he took out the knives, she added. She said that the suspect walked in late into the class and stabbed the three of them and “then walked out”.

Even the parents were shocked after the Bonnyrigg High School incident. A student’s mother, Lauren O’Reilly, said that she had been trying to know what happened in the school. She said that she was worried about the school’s environment. Her son has just started Year 7. She called the school but no one was ready to provide any detail about the incident. The staff members only said everything was back to normal.

“I said, ‘can you tell me what happened?’ They don’t know,” the parents said as quoted by the ABC. “I want to know that all the kids are alright, not just my child. I feel sick for whoever’s child, for whoever’s wife or husband is in there.”

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